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Hello Students,

It gives me great pleasure in knowing that you are interested in pursuing your training with us at Ambition. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the faith you have bestowed on us and we assure you that we will fulfill it in all respects. The Ambition Group was launched in 2002 at Munirka, Delhi. We wanted to provide qualitative result oriented training to students keen in pursuing their higher education in medical and engineering fields. Our Ambition Institute since then has produced a large number of All India Rankers thereby proving our commitment towards imparting quality education to young professionals of tomorrow. Our success has had its own trials and tribulations which we have overcome successfully. One is that the young need to leave their homes and pursue their studies with us. But we have the infrastructure and well trained teachers to help them focus on their studies and the tough journey ahead. Our organization is the backbone of our success. You have made the right decision in placing your trust and future in our hands. Our association will make your heart swell with pride. From ignorance when you walked in, you will walk out enriched and enlivened. Your fear and insecurities will transform into confidence and strength. Rise and shine my young talented ones. Wishing you supreme success in your all endeavors.


Established in 2002 at Munirka, New Delhi, Ambition was set up to provide an invaluable and result oriented coaching for medical and engineering entrance examinations. Over the last decade or so, the success achieved by the Institute has been phenomenal We have succeeded not only in imparting quality education to students but also providing a value system in alignment with ours. Students new feathers in their crowns and enriched themselves with a series of virtues required for success in future. One of the cornerstones of our students' success is the emphasis on quality - the quality of infrastructure, education and faculty. We drive ourselves very hard to achieve quality. So only if you are equally driven by the need for quality, then Ambition is meant for you. Our Faculty is at the center of our success. They undergo rigorous training and are well versed with teaching methods so as to make the students use their creativity and analytical skills to develop their problem solving abilities. We have a well-stocked and updated library. You can spend hours reading here or can borrow books for home study. At all times Ambition Research and Development cell upgrades study materials making it more relevant to the students' requirements. Extensive exploration of available test papers and consultation with other academicians ensures all study tools given to you at Ambition meets the latest trends and is in sync with updated test patterns. We have a highly motivating and disciplined atmosphere where classes are scheduled well in advance and we operate to a set timetable Students have enough time for study and recreation – both of which are important for all round growth and development. It is our constant endeavor to keep our rates of success high thereby instilling confidence among the young aspirants who join us to achieve their career goals. Ambition is committed to the vision of providing the very best of education and thereby contributing to the intellectual and emotional growth of its students. As an educational institution we aim to provide a platform where goals of the students are established, skills are nurtured and values are built. We dream and deliver outstanding results with the objective of creating a community, which can face the challenges of the 21st century.

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